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Sand Springs’ Tehya Johnson 3 Q’s – Presented by Tulsa Bone & Joint

3 Questions with Tehya Johnson of Charles Page High School 

VYPE: If you were stranded on an island, who are three people you would want there with you? 

Johnson: If I were stranded on an island, I would want my dad with me because he would know how to survive, Charley because she is my best friend, and Payton because she is fun but a hard worker so she would help us survive.

VYPE: What does it mean to you when you are called the unsung hero of your team? 
Johnson: To me him saying I’m the unsung hero of the team makes me feel like I’ve done a lot for the team by stepping up and becoming a dependable setter.

VYPE: Who is someone that has been a big influence in your life? 
Johnson: Someone who has been a big influence in my life is Inna Felkins. She has spent hours with me helping me improve my setting, without her I wouldn’t be near as good as I am now. I really look up to her. 

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