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Eric Davidson State Farm: Proud Supporter of Sand Springs Athletics

By Chris Cox
Since October of 2012 Eric Davidson State Farm has been serving the Sand Springs
community. Davidson said he decided to start his company so he could give a better life to
his family and help his community.
“I was given the opportunity to use my business administration degree to start my own
business with the top insurance and financial service company in the nation,” says
Davidson. “I knew this opportunity would allow me to provide a better life for my family
than I had growing up, give back to the community that I live in, and be involved with my
community on a daily basis.”
Community service is key for Davidson and his State Farm team because it’s the community
that has kept him in business.
“I think it’s important to be involved and give back to the community that puts their trust in
you to take care of their insurance and financial service needs,” says Davidson. “My
business would not be around if it wasn’t for Sand Springs and the local rural communities
around me trusting me with their insurance and financial service needs.”
Community involvement isn’t just something Davidson talks about, it’s something he walks
out in his daily life. He is a member of the Sand Springs Chamber of Commers, a Sand
Springs Education Foundation board member, and is a coach on several local youth teams.
Coaching and education are two things Davidson is especially passionate about because of
the impact they had on him when he was young.
“Some of the most influential people in my life were my coaches growing up,” he says.
“Coaching allows me to me a positive influence and pass along important values that I only
learned about on a field, course, or court. It’s also important to support my local teachers,
coaches, and administrators in the Sand Springs community. If you don’t have education,
you don’t have a future and our kids are the future.”
Davidson is grateful for the Sand Springs community and the impact it has had on him and
his family.
“I did not grow up in Sand Springs,” he says. “But I married and Sand Springs girl and I’m
thankful that the community has welcomed me as a member of their Sandite family over
the years.”
To get in touch with Davidson or his team call 918-245-9611 or visit

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